Cloud Now

Microsoft Azure equips Ariett customers with one powerful platform. Since Ariett software is built with a single code base on Microsoft Azure, product updates occur seamlessly. Secure, reliable and cost-effective, the cloud is where you want to be.

Ariett in the Cloud with Security


A pillar of security, Microsoft Azure ensures the protection of your data, so you can go about your business untroubled by security breaches.   Through Microsoft Azure Active Directory, users receive a password that provides single sign-on to Ariett and ERP systems. The beauty of Active Directory is that it centralizes and simplifies security processes while cutting IT costs.


When your company grows, we grow with you. Microsoft Azure’s global data centers can back up high volumes of company data. If your company hires a new batch of employees, your IT department can easily add them to Active Directory’s ranks. Managing about one billion authentication requests per day, Microsoft Azure is a highly robust, secure and scalable platform for Ariett customers.


With Ariett Cloud, say goodbye to time-consuming, costly, and complex on premise software deployments. When you select Ariett Cloud Editions, we make life easy for your IT department by collecting requests, managing support tickets and providing rapid deployment of product updates from one place. Benefits from product performance tweaks are instantly realized.