Mobility - Ariett Touch

​Modern business requires modern technologies. Ariett Touch is designed to display on any desktop, tablet or smartphone, so any hardware you have will work. That’s the beauty of Ariett Touch.

Ariett Mobile Apps

Ariett Touch

When you’re on-the-go, Ariett Touch is right there with you. Touch provides employees with a user-friendly interface on any mobile device. If you need to submit an expense while traveling, simply snap a picture of the receipt and e-mail to your expense cloud. Mobile business doesn’t get much easier than that.

Real-Time Information

No matter where you are, you can access real-time information about pending transactions and current budget availability and commitments. Ariett’s workflows and on-the-fly query provide access to data to make informed decisions. For further insight, use bundled reports with Microsoft Azure reporting services. Real-time information allows you to control spending before it actually occurs.