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  • Selecting software that could scale and meet the demands of a global enterprise.
  • Ensuring compliance with policies by increasing visibility to purchase requests and approvals.
  • Increasing efficiency of procure-to-pay cycle.
  • Improving employee productivity with mobile review and approval.
  • Centralizing control while empowering employees to submit requisitions at the department level.
  • The scalability, security and reliability of Ariett Cloud Enterprise Purchase & Expense on the Microsoft Azure platform.
  • Complete visibility to all purchase requisitions, purchase orders, receipts and AP invoices.
  • A paperless procure-to-pay system with automated approval workflows.
  • Mobile approval through Ariett Software’s Mobile First interface, optimized for smartphone and tablet devices.
  • Ability to both centralize control over purchasing and to decentralize purchasing requests.
"Ariett enables us to adopt a fully operational requisition and order process and ensure that the majority of our spend is approved in advance; this will provide a much tighter cost control mechanism." ~ Richard Bennett, GAIN Corporate Controller,
GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc.


GAIN Capital ("GAIN") is a global provider of online trading services. With multiple business entities and global locations, GAIN was looking for a solution to automate the procurement cycle and reduce business process costs. More specifically, the company required a solution with electronic workflow and mobile approval that would accelerate the purchasing process and increase employee productivity.  As an alternative to hiring a purchasing team, the company sought to enable purchasing requests at the department level while still maintaining control over those requests.

From a compliance and accounting perspective, the GAIN finance team wanted visibility to the entire process with an electronic audit trail of purchase approvals, receipts and invoices. With all documents in a centralized repository, GAIN could more easily comply with external auditing requirements as well as ensure that employees used approved contract pricing for purchases.


GAIN Becomes an Ariett Azure Customer

Ariett on Azure

GAIN selected Ariett Cloud Enterprise Purchase & Expense because it offered a cost-effective, secure and scalable solution for procurement automation on the Microsoft Azure platform. As an Ariett Azure customer, GAIN could easily deploy and use Ariett Software from multiple locations and for multiple corporate entities. GAIN knew that if they wanted to add users in the future, it would be easy and cost-effective to scale up with Ariett's Cloud solution. Microsoft Azure's SQL Database ensures that data from GAIN's purchasing and AP Invoice transactions are securely stored and can be accessed from any location.

Streamlined Purchase Order Management

Once GAIN deployed Ariett Cloud Enterprise Purchase & Expense on Microsoft Azure, employees from different departments were able to quickly submit electronic purchase requests for approval. With Ariett Software's employee self-service, GAIN employees save time by punching out to vendors' websites (instead of looking up price listings in an Excel spreadsheet), selecting items for their shopping cart and submitting an electronic requisition. Employees no longer have to copy information onto purchase orders because Ariett Software automatically generates a purchase order from an approved requisition.

Richard Bennett, GAIN Corporate Controller, explained how Ariett improved GAIN's purchasing process: "Ariett enables us to adopt a fully operational requisition and order process and ensure that the majority of our spend is approved in advance; this will provide a much tighter cost control mechanism."

Mobile Requisition & AP Invoice Approval

Ariett Mobile Touch ProductAriett's Mobile First interface, Ariett Touch, has helped accelerate GAIN's approval process. Designed from the ground up for mobile devices, Ariett Touch allows managers to review and approve (or reject) requisitions and AP invoices from any smartphone, tablet or desktop. With single sign-on to Ariett through Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Ariett provides GAIN employees with secure access across devices. Azure Active Directory allows the IT department to manage logins from one location and provides users with a single password and username for accessing Ariett and Microsoft products.

Audit Trail of Accounts Payable Documents

Ariett Purchase & Expense provides a complete audit trail, which helps GAIN to comply with auditing standards and make informed purchasing decisions. As soon as approved goods or services are received, employees acknowledge their receipt through the Ariett purchase order system, which automatically creates a pending AP transaction for accruals. To process AP invoices, GAIN employees use Ariett’s Cloud Document Service, Box4Dox, for touchless, paperless invoice management. When employees are emailed a vendor invoice, Box4Dox automatically creates an AP transaction in Ariett with the date, time, vendor information and invoice attachment. Once the AP transaction is approved, the appropriate manager has visibility to all documents and date/time stamps of approvals.

Intercompany Processing

With Ariett Software’s support of intercompany processing, one GAIN company location can requisition items from another location and ensure that the general ledgers for both branches are accurately updated.

Benefits of Ariett

Paperless Visibility

By eliminating paper and improving oversight of the purchasing process, Ariett Software has allowed GAIN to easily track corporate commitments. Additional benefits of deploying Ariett's Cloud solution on Microsoft Azure have been reduced labor costs (by eliminating manual transactions) and reduced operational costs (by eliminating On Premise software support).  Lastly, with visibility to a complete audit trail of documents and approvals, GAIN has also achieved the company's objectives for compliance.