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  • Manual processes causing delays in accounts payable and requisitions processing.
  • Lost orders and invoices due to paper processes.
  • Little control over accounting practices.
  • No accountability across company departments, causing improper tracking and reporting.
  • Automatic invoice approval chains reducing turnover time from 30 days to 1 day.
  • Fewer returns and incorrect orders placed through their purchasing department due to automated processes.
  • Automated emails, assignments, and reminders create a controllable and predictable audit trail.
  • Efficiency increased without increasing headcount.
“In addition to multiple efficiencies in our daily accounting processes, we're also experiencing a 'mental cost savings'. With a more streamlined way of doing business and real-time visibility, employees have the peace of mind that they can accomplish their jobs without the frustration of dealing with paper processes.” ~ Tim Vendetti, IT Manager at Heel, Inc.


As a manufacturer and distributor of healthcare products, Heel Inc. constantly adheres to strict regulations while ensuring the success of their overall business processes. However, Heel soon reached a point of critical mass, growing to a point where paper routing was no longer feasible. Important orders and invoices were getting lost on desks and the accounting department quickly became overwhelmed.

Tim Venditti, IT Manager at Heel Inc. says, "For a while, it was simple enough to route invoices and requisitions using printed forms. However, paper routing soon became a burden without any real controls or accountability."

In addition to the general inefficiencies they experienced with paper processes, Heel struggled with paying invoices on time since the paperwork didn't reach accounting until the day before they were due. Requisitions were also being missed because paperwork was lost or delayed; as such, accounting had to spend valuable time searching for documents.

Tim continues, "Having little to no control or accountability because of an imperfect, manual system just didn't allow us to run our business in an efficient manner."


Dealing with the many pressures in accounting, Heel reviewed Ariett's offerings in 2010 and launched their first module for AP Invoice in early 2011. Heel found that Ariett was the only real solution that worked for them. Since Microsoft Dynamics® GP is the lifeblood of their invoicing and purchasing operations, Ariett’s solutions were a perfect fit with the software they already owned. With a seamless integration between the accounting software and AP Invoice, it was configured for their business model right out of the box. Heel was now ready to tackle the various business challenges they were experiencing.

Ariett was able to put together an implementation plan that included the correct stakeholders at Heel, an aggressive timeline that met Heel's needs, and drove the project to a flawless deployment in about 6 weeks. Tim shares, "The Ariett team really shined in the implementation and project planning phase. We had a very aggressive timeline and Ariett created a timeframe, plus they scheduled and led meetings that actually met the timeline we were looking at." He continues, "Ariett could walk a non-technical user from our company through the entire process without any issue or delay. This speaks volumes to what they can do for delivery."

Dynamic and Automatic Approval Chains for Accounts Payable and Requisitions

With AP Invoice and ReqNet, Heel has completely automated their invoice and requisition processes. The modules closely met their basic routing needs out of the box, and Heel was also able to configure dynamic approval chains based on their workflows, making for an extremely easy and streamlined solution set-up.

It used to take a week or more to get invoices approved but now with AP Invoice, this only takes one business day. With this significant time savings, Heel no longer has to deal with reminders from vendors or searching for lost paper invoices. Instead of struggling to meet a 30 day turnaround on invoices, Heel can easily process payments with vendors, strengthening partnerships and easing the burden on the accounting department.

Paper requisition routing used to take several weeks and would sometimes get lost within Heel’s complicated approval chain, causing missed deadlines and out-of-stock inventories that negatively affected customer service. With ReqNet, Heel no longer worries about lost data - with a simple click of the mouse, they can view detailed insight into everything they need. With this insight, they’re experiencing fewer returns and fewer incorrect order entries in their purchasing department.

Accurate and Real-Time Visibility of Accountability

Tim states, "With AP Invoice, excuses disappear. Managers can no longer say 'I haven't seen that come across my desk'. With automated emails, assignments, and reminders, everyone is held accountable, creating a controllable and predictable path."

Now that Heel can simply click on an invoice to see who approved it, they can deal with issues faster or before they even occur. This accurate and real-time visibility of accountability has been a key component to helping Heel solve operational and accounting issues on a daily basis.

Efficient and Happier Workforce

Tim says, "In addition to multiple efficiencies in our daily accounting processes, we're also experiencing a 'mental cost savings'. With a more streamlined way of doing business and real-time visibility, employees have the peace of mind that they can accomplish their jobs without the frustration of dealing with paper processes."

Before AP Invoice and ReqNet, employees were waiting on approvals or spending time following up with managers 3 or 4 times before completing an order. Now, no one has to wait or even worry about following up due to the automation of the workflows.

Ariett's solutions have also allowed Heel to move forward without hiring more personnel. Avoiding these additional costs while experiencing growth has shown to be invaluable as they increase efficiencies without increasing headcount.

A Partner That Knows Their Stuff

With products that work the way they should and an experienced team of professionals, Heel was extremely impressed with Ariett. Tim says, "Working with Ariett has been an incredible experience. As an IT manager, this project was thrown at me last minute. It turned out to be very smooth and required little IT involvement."