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Just Energy
Ontario, Canada
5,000 invoices a month
97 million
  • The company needed to improve their AP and requisition workflow due to an increase in the volume of invoices as the company expanded to new geographic locations. Paper based invoices were mailed in from 22 office locations to corporate headquarters.
  • File cabinets were full and they were reaching capacity for storing paper documents..
  • Timely processing and approvals were a problem. Manual entry of invoices into financial system and searching and sending copies of invoices were time consuming activities, causing a drain on internal resources. Invoices weren’t getting paid on time and the company was incurring late fees.
  • Lacked the ability to view invoices in the approval process and recode or reroute invoices that need correction.
  • Traveling employees have no visibility to view and approve invoices from the road.
  • Gained control of invoice payment processes between the organization’s multiple companies so that revenues and expenses can now be easily tracked with seamless integration to their Dynamics GP financial system.
  • Invoice processing time was reduced and the physical space required to store documents was eliminated with single-click access to any document and the ability to see all activity and documentation associated with a transaction. Vendor relationships were improved and late fees were eradicated.
  • The process of creating, managing, monitoring, and routing invoices for employees was simplified. Invoices are now processed more efficiently; problem invoices are automatically routed for review, resolution, approval, and payment.
  • Approvers now have the ability to connect, view, approve, or reject any requisition requests from anywhere with mobile devices.
"We knew we had to evolve and improve our Accounts Payable and requisition workflow to keep up with our expansion into new offices..."

Just Energy is a retailer of natural gas and electricity with offices located across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, serving 22 markets and close to 2 million small to mid-sized commercial and industrial customers. The company provides its customers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they are protected from energy price volatility by providing long-term fixed-price, price-protected or variable-priced contracts and green energy products.

In recent years, Just Energy has expanded geographically. Thus, their volume of invoices rapidly increased. They were processing 5,000 invoices a month with their manual system, burying them in paper. As a result, they quickly exceeded their storage capacity. "Filing and chasing paper copies of invoices and requisitions was getting next to impossible. We were out of storage space and had no place else to put them,” said Denise Dawes, Manager AP & Commissions at Just Energy.

To make matters worse, many employees didn't have access to the files across locations so the finance department was burdened with the task of searching for and sending files via email and fax.

"With the old paper system, employees were often looking for copies of the purchase orders or invoices so we had to stop what we were doing, pull the file and then send it to them…the whole 9 yards. It was a waste of time and energy," added Dawes. In addition, traveling employees could not view or approve invoices and relied on following countless email trails while on the road.

Just Energy's finance team was in need of a software solution that could meet their challenges and seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

"...I'm extremely satisfied with Ariett's solutions! Their sales, support and implementation teams have been great! They made the transition simple and painless and they treated us very well...the way you want to be treated as a customer" ~ Denise Dawes, Manager AP & Commissions at Just Energy

Requisition and Purchase Order Management: Ariett ReqNet & AP Invoice

Just Energy decided to face their challenges head on. They began by evaluating several financial software solutions but one company stood out from the rest. Just Energy chose Ariett for its complete Purchase to Pay solution for AP Invoice Automation, Requisition and Purchase Order Management and Document Manager with seamless integration with Dynamics GP. As the company expanded across North America and the UK, they were faced with the challenges of getting invoices into the main office in a timely manner and approved. Ariett's Intercompany Processing Module was used to set up, enter, and maintain relationships between their numerous companies so revenues or expenses incurred in one company can be tracked as amounts in other companies.

Ariett's Document Manager Module has helped employees to be self-sufficient and save the finance team's time. "It is one stop shopping. Document Manager allows our employees to store all their documents in the system for easy viewing and retrieving. We don’t waste time hunting down invoices anymore. Now when employees are looking for a copy of the PO or invoice, they can look it up themselves because they have access to it” said Dawes. Just Energy no longer has stacks of paper file to store.

"We have space now. We're not crowded by file cabinets and boxes of paper files. It has totally solved our paper storage problem," added Dawes.

Before Ariett, Just Energy's traveling employees did not have the visibility to view and approve invoices while on the road. Having Ariett's Mobile module gives approvers on the go an easy to use interface and the ability to connect, view, approve, and reject any requisition request. "Our mobile users love having the ability to see the invoices they are approving. Prior to Ariett Mobile, there was no visibility, only an email trail to follow. Now they can actually see what they are approving with the ability to view document attachments also," said Dawes. Having international operations, they needed the ability to enter multicurrency transactions. Ariett's Multicurrency Management Module allows Just Energy to revalue General Ledger accounts based on current or estimated exchange rates.

Results were realized within 2 weeks. "Since we've implemented the Ariett software we have definitely noticed a significant time and cost savings. It’s quicker and easier for employees to enter into Ariett so when invoices come into them they just simply scan it in, enter it and away it goes," said Dawes. Invoices are now paid on time, vendor late fees significantly reduced and less time was spent responding to employee and vendor inquiries. Initially, many company employees were a bit resistant to change but within 2 weeks of being fully trained on the system, they had fully adopted a new, more efficient way of working

Founded by people who believe a retail energy company could be different, Just Energy strives to be an organization that cares about its customers - A company with a passion to serve through simple, easy to understand products and processes that ultimately save money. Ariett follows that same philosophy and is also passionate about their customer’s success and bottom line.

"I'm extremely satisfied with Ariett's solutions! Their sales, support and implementation teams have been great! They made the transition simple and painless and they treated us very well...the way you want to be treated as a customer,"...said Dawes."Generally people don’t like change, but once our employees started using Ariett they realized there is nothing to complain about. Training only takes about a half an hour and once they try it themselves they love it and wonder why we didn’t move to Ariett sooner."