Pheasants Forever

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AP Invoice Automation
Document Manager
Pheasants Forever
St. Paul, MN
20 users
6,000 Inv./yr
~$33 Million/yr
  • Needed to move away from paper based, manual processes. Invoice processing was time consuming as paper was mailed from office locations to corporate headquarters.
  • Visibility and controls needed improvement. There were no automated approval controls or centralized repository for visibility to invoices, accruals, payments or reporting.
  • Lacked efficient payment processing and needed a better way to manage and store invoices electronically, across the organization and pay from one AP checkbook.
  • Streamlined accounts payable approval workflows moved to electronic invoices.
  • Now have a centralized repository of electronic invoices providing visibility across the organization.
  • Improved access to information for audits and accounting controls.
"It couldn't have been any easier, Ariett's implementation and customer service teams were very helpful and they deserve high marks. Implementation went really well and was quick and painless".-Allan Ferguson Controller, Pheasants Forever

Pheasants Forever is a conservation organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of pheasants, quail and other wildlife populations in North America through habitat improvement, land management, public awareness and education. Pheasants Forever has more than 130,000 members and 700 chapters while spending more than $365 million on habitat projects.

With more than 6,000 AP Invoices a year to process, Pheasants Forever's decentralized accounts payable processing had to change. Pheasants Forever's state chapters had their own check books to pay invoices, each chapter mailed their invoices into the national office for reconciliation.

"We needed to centralize our accounts payable process in order to strengthen controls and increase visibility," said Allan Ferguson, Controller at Pheasants Forever. "Ariett AP Invoice streamlined our entire process of collecting, submitting, tracking and paying invoices and avoided causing a drain on our internal resources," added Ferguson.

Pheasants Forever sought improvement with six goals in mind:

  • Improve invoice routing and sorting – go paperless
  • Control and automate approval process
  • Created a centralized repository of all invoices
  • Have ability to simultaneously set up new vendors and enter invoices for new vendors
  • Generate reports based on state and national business units

As Ferguson and his accounting team evaluated possible solutions, they found that most vendors could not achieve all 6 goals. Other vendors did not have Ariett’s flexible approval workflows for decentralized organizations – and the Ariett Document Manager was a terrific benefit.

The Ariett AP Invoice Automation Solution

Ariett AP Invoice optimized and simplified the process of creating, managing, monitoring and routing invoices for Pheasants Forever’s AP personnel. Electronic invoices and their associated AP transaction are processed more efficiently and more quickly; problem invoices are automatically routed for review, resolution, approval, and payment. New vendor workflows manage the process of approving and adding new vendors.

"AP Invoice has saved us time and money, I’m sure it has paid for itself in the first year".Allan Ferguson Controller, Pheasants Forever

Ariett AP Invoice helps manage invoices through a secure, browser-based interface where employees can quickly finalize an AP transaction with electronic document and resolve problems, obtain invoice status, approve invoices, manage compliance and GL Account coding, and automatically creating the AP transaction in Dynamics GP AP upon approval.

Ariett AP Invoice provided a seamless, out of the box integration with Pheasants Forever's ERP, Microsoft Dynamics GP.