Tourism Toronto

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Ontario Canada
~ 5,000 POs/yr
~ $35 Million
  • Using manual and inefficient paper requisition and approval processes
  • Wasting time tracking the status of requisition requests instead of buying better
  • Managing budgets – vital to a Not for Profit - no real-time access to budget availability
  • Electronic workflows and continuous visibility to the status of requests empowered users, and eliminated delays reducing the time to process by almost 90%.
  • Management can view and approve purchase requests and all electronic price quotes and contracts real-time from mobile devices.
  • Immediate, accurate, real time visibility to the status of the budget – making their entire team budget aware and focused on ways to buy better to save program costs.
  • Ability to quickly evaluate and compare supplier pricing – a key metric - across the organization.
“Purchasing ReqNet has been a great experience for us; it helped us move forward and save time. I truly believe it has saved costs and made our team manage procurement more effectively.” ~ Reid Edwards Director of Finance, Tourism Toronto

“Ariett helped us evolve our management style and philosophy in a short period of time. It was like we moved from a 1950’s paper organization to a current, year 2012 electronic organization,” said Edwards. 

Tourism Toronto is the official marketing organization for Toronto’s tourism industry. Tourism Toronto (a.k.a. Toronto Convention and Visitors Association) focuses on promoting and selling the greater Toronto region as a remarkable destination for tourists, convention delegates and business travelers. Officially operating as a not-for-profit agency, Tourism Toronto has over 1,200 members.

Tourism Toronto processed more than 5,000 paper based purchase orders annually. They needed to dig out from the deluge of paper generated by purchase requests, price quotes, agreements, contracts and gain more operational procurement efficiency.

Program and event planners responsible for managing promotions and the event details needed a streamlined, cost effective business process for approval workflows, communications and visibility to their budgets when making time sensitive purchase decisions.

Tourism Toronto was inundated in paper and their PO system was slow and wasteful. “A major task of one of my staff members was to manually record every PO that came in the office and record every PO that left the office. It was a tremendous waste of time,” said Edwards. In addition, with a paper system their executives could not view or approve purchase requisitions while traveling.


"We were on a manual, paper system that required everyone to be physically in the building to find or approve PO's. With Ariett, it is completely electronic; we can now approve a PO from anywhere there is an Internet connection."

Ariett Purchase to Pay – Requisition and Purchase Order Management with Mobile Approval

To solve their challenges, Tourism Toronto turned to Ariett ReqNet because they needed a solution that simplified the purchase requisitioning process freeing up employees for more strategic tasks. "Ariett ReqNet helps us track our PO’s and identify where everything is. It speeds up our business and allows us to run our business more efficiently," added Edwards.

With Ariett ReqNet, requisition requests are routed automatically to the appropriate approvers with a complete audit trail and traveling executives now have the ability to view and approve purchase requisitions from the road. "ReqNet helps our traveling managers and approvers. They enjoy not having 25 PO’s sitting on their desk waiting to be signed when the get back from a trip," said Edwards.

Employees at every level gained visibility and had information at their fingertips – no longer do they need to track down paper signatures, wait for approval, or email to find out the status of their purchase requisitions.

"Every user and approver now has the visibility and control to see where their requisitions stand which cuts down on the number of problems and back and forth communication which makes our vendors happier," said Edwards.

Tourism Toronto gained the insight to their spending with centralized visibility– the spend intelligence that they needed to control costs, increase employee productivity and generate savings that went directly to their bottom line.

Tracking Budgets and Commitments Real-time

With Ariett’s ReqNet Budget & Commitment Module, Tourism Toronto can view all purchase order line items against budget real time. Red, yellow or green visual indicators inform employees of budget availability at a glance.

"We are big budgeters here. Having Ariett's Budget & Commitment Module gave us the ability to view all requisition and purchase commitments against budget in real-time and the visual clues make it very easy to use," said Edwards. It's easier to tell at the end of the month what our potential commitments are we can run off a very accurate report's all right there at our fingertips."

The Ariett project team helped us to implement the changes that we needed to make to move to an electronic solution. They provided the insight and helped us to define the best business practices and workflows to implement our business rules. The training was excellent and our people made the transition to a new, easy to use system very quickly.

"Ariett was with us every step of the way, always prepared to take us to the next level. They helped us see the big picture and their sales, customer support and implementation teams were always prepared and ready to help".

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