Accounts Payable and Capex Project Management 39,000 Feet in the Air

Free WiFi for all!  At least for all JetBlue customers, according to a recent Forbes article.  Just as the popular airline has improved the customer flight experience, cloud purchase to invoice to payment solutions for any mobile device are making CFOs smile everywhere.  Want to review a purchase requisition for marketing services during your flight?  Done.  Want to check your capex project budget for IT?  Done.  Let’s imagine what you, as CFO, can now accomplish in the air with the help of the right cloud solution that delivers end-to-end visibility of corporate spending.

Leaving behind Boston’s snow flurries, you hop on a plane to head to a company investor presentation in sunny California.  Since your software company recently implemented Ariett’s Cloud Purchase to Payment solution, this is the perfect time for you to catch up on requisition approvals before you land and begin a jam-packed schedule.

Support Your Business Growth from Anywhere – Even in the Air!

When you connect to WiFi and log in to Ariett from your tablet, you have a number of IT hardware related expenses that are waiting for your approval; the purchase requisition for these items is tagged to an internal capex project for a new office location.  Luckily for you and your employees (who are eagerly anticipating new laptops and monitors), you can quickly review the requisition against the project budget and approve so that a buyer at the office can create the PO with a click and send it electronically to CDW’s website.

View AP Transactions and Documents All in a Centralized Location:

After you present monthly financials to investors and wow them with the launch of a new product, you receive an email notification on your phone that the hardware items have been received and an AP invoice is waiting for your approval.  You look at the transaction details and corresponding AP invoice on the same screen – everything is in order, so you approve.  Now you’re on a roll; you select the vendor CDW and all CDW invoices across company locations appear on your screen, ready for you to approve.

Secure Electronic Payments on the Go:

Sipping your cappuccino at the airport and ready to head home on an early flight, you check your email and find a payment request sitting in your queue.  This payment batch is based on invoice due date, allowing you to capture those early payment discounts that so easily evaded you before implementing a purchase to payment solution!  For larger invoice amounts, you quickly drill into the invoice in the payment batch to review items ordered before giving approval for the batch.  You know that the ACH payment to CDW will be processed before you arrive at the office the next day.

Next Steps for CFOs?

Want to make this vision a reality in your daily work life? Then it’s time to consider how a modern cloud purchase to payment solution might be the right fit for your organization – sign up for one of our upcoming, live product demonstrations today: