The Ariett Team Unites to Achieve Customer Success

At Ariett, we may not be clad in green tunics with pointy hats and pointy shoes in our “workshop,” but like Santa’s elves, our development, customer service and customer support teams share a common goal – in our case, to achieve customer success.

So what exactly does “customer success” mean?  It boils down to this: when our customers easily adopt Ariett to achieve their purchasing and accounts payable business process goals, that’s success.  To illustrate how Ariett makes customer success happen, we’d like to take you behind the scenes of our workshop to see the daily efforts of our development, customer service and customer support teams.

How Customers Drive the Development Team:

When our software developers converge weekly, they create tasks for the next sprint that are closely linked to customer requests and requirements.  Whether the next release includes developing new reports and analytics, tailoring the user interface to employees’ role or adding functionality that works across devices, our development team hashes out the specific customer use case scenarios for these new features.  To ensure that our Cloud platform for procurement, contract management, AP invoice automation and expense reporting continues to evolve and meet the demands of our customers and modern business, our development team provides updates to the software every two to eight weeks.  These updates consistently improve the Ariett user experience and are automatically applied without allocating resources from customers’ IT departments.

Nolan from the development team shared with us how customers influenced product development earlier this year: “We knew that customers using Ariett Expense reporting were interested in better mileage tracking, so we connected with Google Maps to automate the mileage calculation.  It’s great to know that creating something like this makes our customers’ jobs easier and helps them to control costs.”

How the Customer Service Team Stays Customer-Focused:

From the minute a new customer walks through the door, we provide them with a team of tech-savvy elfin helpers – a dedicated account manager and product specialists, who will lead the customer through employee training and workflow setup steps for improving business process automation.  Customers can leverage account manager’s deep procurement knowledge and gain helpful tips on best practices across industries and ERP systems.   Once our customers are live on Ariett, they maintain their relationship with their account manager, who will track the customer’s business process goals and tirelessly work towards those goals.

“By first implementing and providing training on the software and then working with the same customer post go live,” said Account Manager Sharon, “we really get to know that customer’s team, configuration and business process goals inside and out, which makes account management that much easier and faster.” 

In addition to having regular check-in calls with customers, the customer service team communicates with and gathers valuable feedback from customers through our Customer Inner Circle meetings.  During these get-togethers, the customer service team presents new and not-yet-released features for our customers to review.  In our last meeting, when we showed the new Ariett Touch procurement feature that automates employee receiving, a common response from customers was how much easier the new interface looked.  All positive feedback, constructive criticism and feature requests from these meetings are brought back to the workshop, so our developers and support team can make improvements or correct any errors. 

Customer service representative Heather shared her thoughts on how these focus group meetings contribute to customer success: “It’s a forum for customers to gain insight into how they can maximize the benefits of our software.  We also learn a lot from our customers – about their common questions and concerns that we can then communicate with the rest of the Ariett team.  And it’s great to get to know customers more on a personal level!”

How Customer Support Focuses on Customers First:

Ariett’s customer support team is the equivalent of Santa’s problem-solver elves; they will field all Ariett customer questions and resolve any issues that come your way.  Customers just submit a ticket through our customer portal, and our customer service representatives are on it!  They will work closely with the customer’s account manager to find a solution and will notify development of any software improvements to be included in a product release.

While Ariett’s sales, customer service, development and marketing teams may work on a plethora of projects on any given day, we are united in our mission to deliver on the business process goals of our customers – whether the goal is to gain greater efficiency, cost control or insight into how company money is being spent.  At the end of the day, all Ariett elves go home happy knowing that they’ve helped customers to achieve success.