Launch Your Career at Innovative Software Company in the Boston Area

Are you a technology whiz, problem-solving guru and deft communicator looking to make a difference in customers’ lives?  And, are you a recent college graduate seeking software company jobs in the Boston area?

Then, a customer service or technical support position at a cloud-based, SaaS (software as a service) company is a good fit for you!  Today, a career in customer service for SaaS companies is consistently growing because continuous, high quality service is crucial for customer success.  We’d like to share with you how a customer service or technical support position can launch your career, providing you with learning opportunities and the skills you need.

Ready to join a team of customer success champions?  If you have business/accounting experience and love working with customers, then consider applying for a customer service position at Ariett, a cloud-based software company in the Boston area:

Here are five benefits you will gain in your next customer service/technical support position:

Cultivate Communications Skills:

Developing strong customer relationships through effective communication is a key part of the customer service role.   Ariett Technical Support Manager Jen Landry explains how she leverages her communications skills: “I enjoy interacting with a wide range of customers and helping them to solve problems.  I focus on establishing a rapport and trust right away.  Being proactive and communicating effectively are a must; it reinforces customers’ confidence in Ariett’s product and expertise.”

Develop Product Expertise:

When working at a software company as a customer service representative, it’s important to know the ins and outs of the software and to develop a deep understanding of customers’ business needs.  At Ariett, we provide our Customer Service and Technical Support team with the training and peer collaboration they need to develop expertise in the Ariett platform.  As a part of the team, you also gain knowledge of customers’ accounts payable and procurement business process. 

Boost Your Technical Wizardry:

Take your technical and troubleshooting skills to a new level!  With the latest technology constantly changing, you have ample opportunity to keep learning.  At Ariett, you will learn the tools and best practices for resolving customer issues.   

Make a Difference:

The best part of the customer service experience is that you hear directly from customers just how much your work means to them.  One customer had this to say about the Ariett Customer Service and Technical Support team: "The Ariett customer team is fantastic… Our Senior Accounting Manager has mentioned how impressed he has been with the Technical Support personnel and their response time to a support ticket request of typically an hour or two. Beyond just getting a response, they always make sure that the question is satisfactorily answered before the ticket is closed."

Grow Your Career:

As a customer service and support representative, you will build a repertoire of knowledge and skills that touches upon many different career areas.  While there are opportunities to advance within support into a managerial role, your customer experience could translate into a career in sales or professional services/consulting and your technical knowledge could prepare you for a career in product management or even software development. Just think of all the possibilities! 

Please read more about how to join the Ariett Customer Service and Technical Support team:

About Ariett:

Ariett provides Cloud Purchasing and Expense software solutions that automate Requisition, Purchasing and Contract Management; AP Invoice to Payment Automation; and Employee Expense Management with Travel approval for global companies. Ariett offers enterprise class functionality with superior workflow; web-based analytics and reporting; document management; and electronic receipt & credit card processing. Ariett is offered in the Cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS) on Microsoft Azure.