Best Practices in Nonprofit Financial Management for 2017

With more than 40,000 nonprofit employees using Ariett, we are proud to help both large and small organizations save money by more effectively tracking expenses and managing program purchasing. These organizations are building a culture that optimizes spending, where budget review empowers program managers to make the right purchasing decisions.

10 Steps Education Leaders Can Take with Modern eProcurement

To jump-start improving your school’s purchasing process, Ariett will summarize 10 key steps that educational institutions can take with an eProcurement solution.  For a complete analysis of best practices and insights from education thought-leaders and consultants, take a look at Ariett's research report: http://www.ariett.com/campaign/educational-institutions.

How CIOs Can Manage IT Capital Projects Better

As the CIO of a company with multiple locations and corporate expansion on the way, you and your team constantly face technological change and outdated infrastructure.  When you launch your IT upgrades, you can use Ariett’s integrated Procurement and Contract Management solution to track your new vendor contracts (for laptops, service providers, routers, license upgrades and servers) and your IT capital projects for each location and department.

CFOs Face into the Future with Modern Cloud Accounts Payable Software

While January can be somewhat of a dreary month, it's also a time that has represented beginnings ever since the ancient Romans inaugurated the raucous feast of Janus. The description of the two-headed Janus with one face gazing into the future and the other looking into the past could easily apply to a CFO during this time of year; the CFO takes stock of the company's financial performance over the past year and then develops a strategy for improving efficiency and the company's bottom line in the future. This January, you can step into the New Year and the future of your company by selecting modern Cloud accounts payable software that automates the AP document management process and delivers insight into spending, budgets and bottlenecks for both you and your accounting team.

To assist you in the selection of a Cloud accounts payable automation solution for your accounting department, we'd like to share with you the 5 following essential drivers of modern accounting.

Why Your eProcurement Solution Should Include Vendor Contract Management

Think of any famous pair and, then, imagine that one of them was simply plucked from the pages of history.  Would Fred Astaire be as successful without Ginger Rogers, Serena without Venus or Garfunkel without Simon?  Some people just pack more of a punch when they come in twos—and the same could be said for eProcurement and vendor contract management. 

5 Best Practices for Requisition & Purchase Order Management

Due to increasing pressure from investors, boards and compliance officers, the CFO must have a hand (or two) in every aspect of business operations. Utilizing procurement software allows you to more efficiently manage and control purchasing and ensure both employee and vendor compliance throughout the process.


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