Corporate Credit Cards

Ariett Leverages Microsoft Azure Logic Apps for your Accounts Payable Team

Ariett’s development team continues to use technology to deliver features that help the finance and accounts payable teams to work smarter and faster.  Meet our latest Cloud service: an invisible hand that automatically tracks transactions, such as invoices, requisitions and contracts, and motivates employees to move those transactions quickly through the intended workflow.

What Millennials Want for Their Business Travel in 2015

Today organizations can deploy travel and expense management solutions that empower employees to select the most affordable options. Expense reporting software can be used to fix a travel budget for employees based on their position, department or business purpose. Then, just set up a rewards program and watch your employees run with it.

Does Your Expense Management System Help You Control the Corporate Credit Card Genie?

Once you've approved the use of corporate credit cards for your employees, you might start to feel like you let a genie out of the bottle. Corporate credit cards can fulfill your wish to simplify purchasing and eliminate the need for reimbursing employees for each travel and expense purchase. But as a greater number of transactions pass through corporate cards, financial managers often lose control and visibility; especially when the transactions are not integrated with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

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