Expense Reporting

Best Practices in Nonprofit Financial Management for 2017

With more than 40,000 nonprofit employees using Ariett, we are proud to help both large and small organizations save money by more effectively tracking expenses and managing program purchasing. These organizations are building a culture that optimizes spending, where budget review empowers program managers to make the right purchasing decisions.

San Francisco-based Brown & Toland Physicians Selects Ariett Purchase to Payment

Ariett News – August 16, 2016 – Ariett, a leading provider of Cloud Purchase and Expense software, announced that Brown & Toland Physicians, a prominent healthcare organization in the San Francisco Bay area, has selected Ariett as an easy-to-use solution for employees to manage expenses across their operations.  The organization is making the transition to Ariett’s automated, paperless procurement and expense reporting solution to improve accounts payable efficiency and gain cost savings by pre-approving expenses, centralizing processing and capturing invoices and receipts.

10 Steps Education Leaders Can Take with Modern eProcurement

To jump-start improving your school’s purchasing process, Ariett will summarize 10 key steps that educational institutions can take with an eProcurement solution.  For a complete analysis of best practices and insights from education thought-leaders and consultants, take a look at Ariett's research report: http://www.ariett.com/campaign/educational-institutions.

Tips for Managing Laptop Browsers for Business Applications

Still on your first generation iPhone?  We didn’t think so - you’re probably at least rocking an iPhone 5S.  While upgrading to a new smartphone might be more thrilling than upgrading your browser, making this change will dramatically improve your overall online experience, including your experience using any business applications over this browser.

The IRS Announces New Mileage Reimbursement Rates for 2016

Breaking news: the Jovian IRS has just cast its first lightning bolt of 2016 from the heights of Olympus; federal mileage reimbursement rates for employees have dropped from 57.5 to 54 cents per mile. While itinerant employees may feel chagrined about the decrease in their reimbursement, both employees and their managers will be excited to learn that there are expense reporting solutions that will automatically calculate these rates.


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