Flexible Payment Selection and Approval

Select invoices with multiple payment types and apply credits in a single payment batch. Pay all, pay though due date, or simply search for a specific payment. While approving or editing with comments, approvers gain visibility to invoice documents.

Virtual Credit Card Rebates

Virtual credit cards are a secure payment method that uses a one-time "card" number for a specific vendor payment amount. We will analyze your vendor spend to determine which vendors accept virtual credit card payments. Upon request, we provide an analysis of potential quarterly rebates.

Visibility to Payment Details

Payment Detail

Ariett’s Electronic Payment Processing eliminates extra calls to the accounting team. Employees easily view vendor payment details for their submitted invoices.

Reduce Payment Processing Costs

Save money by using our electronic payment method options. Reduce cost of printing check stock and mailing checks. Save time on review and approval by gaining visibility to the original invoice when reviewing a payment batch.

Secure Electronic Payments

Increase the volume of electronic payments - ACH and virtual credit card - to bolster security. Ariett’s Electronic Payment Processing offers two-factor authentication and the ability to segregate duties for payment selection and approval.

Complete AP Invoice to Payment

Streamline invoice to pay processing with electronic payments - virtual credit card, ACH, and check payment options. Capture audit trails while using Ariett’s Invoice Complete Service through Electronic Payment Processing. Generate Virtual Credit Card payment rebates from eligible vendors. Consolidates multiple payment types into a single, secure electronic file.