Accounts Payable Workflows with Budget Review

Accounts Payable Automation with Document Management

Ariett's Accounts Payable workflows expedite approvals and ensure that invoices or check requests are paid on time or early to take advantage of early payment discounts. Approvers also benefit from having role-based visibility to their budget while reviewing an invoice, so they remain budget-informed from purchase to payment.

Approval Workflow and Budget Checklist

  • Ability to Configure Different Workflow Types
  • Ability to Configure Multiple Approval Levels
  • Real-Time Budget Checking When Approving Invoices
  • Red, Yellow & Green Budget Indicator Lights at Distribution Level
  • Roll Up Budget by Category
  • Support Budget for Full GL Segment
  • Automated Email Notifications for Approvers

Flexible, Multi-Tiered Approval Workflows

Ariett offers flexible, multi-tiered workflows that can be set by role, dollar amount, vendor, department or type of invoice. In addition, Ariett’s Accounts Payable workflows can include group approval, FYI approvers and alternate approvers.

Approvers Review Real-Time Budget Information

Both PO related and non PO related invoices are applied against your budget, allowing approvers to quickly review the invoice amount and its calculated impact on the budget before giving approval. Role-based visibility to information about remaining budget and all spending related to the budget helps managers to be more budget aware and to plan ahead for future purchasing decisions. To enhance budget awareness, Ariett features a green light when purchases are within budget limits and a red light when they are outside the limits.

Analyzing Your Budget and Spending

Ariett makes managing spending under a budget easier by allowing you to analyze actual versus planned spending and export data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis. Such information supports you in determining precisely how money was spent in order to prioritize future purchases.