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If your AP team is looking for an efficient way to go paperless and quickly approve and process invoices, Ariett can do that for you.  

Ariett’s Accounts Payable Automation solution helps your AP team and employees to efficiently capture invoices and expense receipts, create an auditable record and pay your vendors on time.

But, we also take your AP team a step further by providing you with the visibility and reporting tools for an improved month-end closing process and optimized cash flow management.

How Ariett AP Automation Works

AP Invoice Capture & Transaction Validation: When a vendor or employee emails an invoice to our Cloud Document Service, Ariett automatically creates an AP transaction with the invoice attached for a complete audit trail. PO-related invoices are also matched to their corresponding invoice and receiving transaction.

Document Management & Visibility: Employees can attach as many documents – price quotes, packing slips, contracts, etc. – to an AP invoice transaction and these documents can then be easily viewed from the transaction.  To view all AP invoice or expense receipts in an employee's queue that need to be processed, the employee can simply use Ariett's Document Viewer to select any document for processing and approval.

GL and Dimension Coding: When a transaction is generated, the GL account on the transaction can default based on vendor and Dimensions can default based on the user.  In addition, percent-based distributions can be configured to allocate expense amounts to multiple GL accounts.

Secure Electronic Payment Processing: Ariett helps you to pay vendor invoices on time by supporting ACH and Virtual Credit Card payments, providing a complete, end-to-end view of a transaction.

Capex Project/Vendor Contract Tracking: Your AP invoices can be tagged to an internal capital expenditure project or specific vendor contract, e.g. a contract with a marketing firm or software vendor, to consistently track and report on the project/contract spending and budgets.

Ariett Delivers Value

One Purchase to Payment Platform: Simplify your business process with one, easy-to-use solution for employees to generate savings on every contract, requisition, invoice, expense report and payment.

Visibility from Purchase, to Receiving, to Invoicing, to Payment: Ariett drives smarter purchasing decisions by providing organizations with upfront approval of purchase requests and a complete record of the AP transaction and relevant documents.

Ready for Growth: Ariett’s robust features meet the requirements of mid-enterprise organizations; we handle multi-currency and multi-entity transactions, as well as multiple approval levels.

Advanced Reporting Insights: Dozens of out-of-the-box reports provide your AP team, controller and CFO with instant information on accruals, vendor and contract spending, and transaction statuses, helping them to manage month-end closing and contract budgets and to make cash flow projections.

Mobile Ready: The Ariett interface is built with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technology, creating an enjoyable and consistent user experience across phone, tablet, laptop and desktop devices that empowers them to collaborate and make purchasing decisions from anywhere.

Compliance & Audit Trail

By capturing the date and time of invoice approvals, AP Invoice allows your organization to meet provisions in your Sarbanes-Oxley Audit. You and your auditors have access to a centralized repository of invoices and their approval status, available any time for further inspection. If you or your auditors need to view approval authorizations, simply click on an AP transaction to review the original invoice and its trail of approvers. Our software provides your organization with the necessary controls and documentation to easily comply with internal auditors and business requirements.

General Ledger Reconciliation

Ariett Software stores your GL account data and structure, automatically selecting vendor assigned GL segments to complete valid GL account coding. Information defaults to GL accounts based on the type of invoice or employee's setup, or employee's visibility to GL accounts can be pre-filtered to select from an appropriate range of GL accounts. Upon entering an invoice, an employee can also choose a current vendor or add a new vendor. Ariett Software's GL coding ensures that your financial data is processed quickly and stored in the right place for your managers to easily review and run out-of-the-box reports on vendors or departmental expenses. In addition, the ability to enter multiple GL account distributions for multiple companies allows you to streamline your accounting across companies, simplifying general ledger reconciliation and making it easier to maintain accurate, balanced general ledger accounts for each company.