Payment Processing

Ariett offers an integrated Purchase to Payment solution that includes approving and processing Contracts, Requisitions, AP invoices and Payments on one platform. We support ACH payments, check payments and virtual (or AMEX) credit card payments for vendors that accept credit cards.

Electronic Payment Processing Checklist

  • One Solution for Requisition to Purchase to Invoice to Payment Processing
  • Flexible Payment Batch Selection Options
  • Multi-Tier Payment Approval Workflows
  • Improved Vendor Management
  • View Detailed Transactions on your Bank Account Statement
  • Remittance Details Available to Vendors based on Vendor Choice
  • Earn Rebates through Virtual Credit Card Solutions
  • Gain Secure and Improved Cash Management
  • Simplify the Invoice to Payment Process

Flexible Payment Batch Selection, Review and Approval

Ariett streamlines your complete purchasing process, resulting in paperless accounts payable and automated electronic payments. Ariett payment processing offers flexible selection criteria and multi-tier payment approval workflows, providing approvers with the rights to edit a payment within the batch. If your CFO needs to review an original invoice, he or she can easily drill back from a payment to the invoice and view all related information. All payment details associated with a voucher are visible.

One Solution with Visibility to Invoices, Purchase Requests, Vendor Contracts and Vendor Payments

As organizations realize the benefits of pre-approving operational expenses with a purchase requisition solution, the strategic advantage of using one purchase to payment application quickly makes sense. One solution for workflow, user setup and visibility rights for the entire team helps them to determine the status of vendor invoice approvals, purchase requests and vendor payments, as well as to view all supporting documents, in one place.

Complete Purchase to Payment Automation for Your AP Team

Not every AP invoice needs to begin with a purchase requisition, but if and when it does, the accounts payable processing steps are streamlined with PO-invoice matching and default GL coding, payment terms and checkbooks, which allow the AP transaction to be created automatically with no involvement from the accounts payable team.