Purchase Requisition Approval Workflows

Purchase Requisition Approval Icon

Ariett ReqNet streamlines your purchase requisition approval workflows by allowing you to create multiple, company-specific routing rules with unlimited routing values or hierarchies, including purchase type, GL account, project, dollar amount, capital expense or department.  User visibility to routing rules can be defined by group membership.  For instance, let’s say that routing rules dictate that your purchasing manager has visibility to and must approve purchase requisitions for office supplies up to a certain dollar amount.  Ariett Software’s routing values allow a requisition to be routed to another approver if the amount extends beyond that dollar threshold.  When your purchasing manager goes on vacation, a hold doesn’t have to be placed on the purchasing process; alternate purchase requisition approval workflows can be activated.

Audit Trail

By capturing the date and time of purchase requisition approvals, ReqNet allows your organization to meet provisions in your Sarbanes-Oxley Audit. When you or your auditors access ReqNet, a centralized repository of requisitions and their approval status is available for further inspection. If you or your auditors need to view approval authorizations or the calculated difference between the original requisition and purchase order amount, simply click on the requisition or purchase order to review the documents and trail of approvers. ReqNet provides your organization with the necessary controls and documentation to easily comply with internal auditors and business requirements.