Supplier Invoicing & Network

Ariett ReqNet and AP Invoice help your organization to establish a strong supplier network that reduces costs and promotes supplier compliance.  Your supplier network begins with employees punching out to vendor websites to requisition items with contract prices and ends with supplier invoicing and a 360 degree view of the related transactions.  A document trail of purchase orders matched to corresponding receipts and invoices encourages vendors’ compliance with contract prices and delivery dates.   

Box4Dox Supplier Invoicing

Box4Dox Process Graphic

Your supplier network also benefits from Ariett Box4Dox, our document management solution.  With zero employee involvement, Ariett Box4Dox creates AP transactions and sets in motion approval workflows.  A vendor simply emails an invoice and Box4Dox handles the rest—the date, time and vendor information is captured, generating a new AP transaction with the attached invoice ready for approval. Ariett Box4Dox supports both your organization and your suppliers by eliminating lost paper invoices and ensuring quick, cost-effective and accurate invoice processing.