Mileage Calculator for Expense Reports

Organizations with employees who travel often for work, such as social service agencies, can take advantage of Ariett's Mileage Calculator with a connection to Google Maps to easily complete expense reports with the accurate mileage and rates. 

Key Benefits:

  • Facilitates easy calculation of mileage and mileage rates for employees.
  • Organizations gain an accurate record of mileage expenses and avoid overspending on reimbursements.
  • Approvers can quickly verify correct mileage with Google Maps.
  • Information from Ariett's Mileage Calculator automatically populates employee expense reports.

How to Calculate Mileage for Your Expense Report:

While entering information for your new expense report, you simply press a button that brings you to Ariett's Mileage Calculator. Once you have entered your origin and destination points for your travel, the mileage information will automatically populate your Ariett expense report.  Based on the rates, such as federally regulated CONUS and OCONUS rates, stored in Ariett, an expense reimbursement amount will be calculated.  Instead of having to estimate distances on their own, employees can have their total number of miles calculated and entered onto their expense report within seconds.

Gain an Accurate Record of Mileage:

When approvers receive an email notification about a new expense report, they can quickly click on a link to view all the information on the expense report, including the dates, travel purpose, origin, destination and rate calculation.  Approvers can directly access Ariett's Mileage Calculator to review the exact distance employees traveled.  This feature makes it easy for approvers to verify that employees are not over reporting the number of miles traveled and are receiving the right reimbursement amount.  By ensuring that mileage calculations are in compliance, Ariett prevents your organization from overspending on employee reimbursements and helps your organization to maintain an accurate accounting record.