Expense Budget Checking

Expense Budget Checking Icon

As a budget stakeholder, you may have felt frustration with unexpected expenses or employee travel that strayed out of your corporate expense budget. With Ariett Xpense, not only can you view receipts and credit card transactions that have been uploaded to expense reports, but you can also determine their impact on your bottom line. Having the ability to view the amount remaining in your expense budget when entering or approving expense reports makes your entire team more budget aware.

Mobile Access to Expense Budget

The nail biting days of waiting for the budget to be updated at the end of the week or month are over. Ariett Xpense provides what matters most to your budget conscious organization: real-time budget availability. At any time and from any location, employees can upload expenses and managers can view expense reports and budgeting details that impact daily decision-making. If employees travel or entertain clients often, you can remain fully informed about current expenses and remaining budget. By having visibility to accurate budget information, you have the power to make positive budgeting decisions for your company.

Role-based Visibility

A key component of expense budgeting with Ariett Xpense is role-based visibility. Since your corporate expense budget or travel budget can be tracked by department or GL segment, managers responsible for different departments can maintain awareness of departmental budgets. By having access to detailed, real-time information about employee transactions, managers have a stronger hold over company spending.