Policy Management

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Ariett Xpense offers your organization tools for setting policies and rates for business travel purposes. Our software's features, including policy management, business units, mileage calculations, CONUS/OCONUS rates and default GL account coding, speed up the expense reporting process for your employees. By having access to information about their business expenses, employees are empowered to make better spending decisions.

Business Units

Employees can access specific expense policies based on their business unit. For instance, an employee in marketing can have visibility to specific expense categories and policies, such as the travel budget for marketing employees attending conferences. Managers supervising different business units can make on-the-fly queries to view current and past expense line items by employee. To determine whether specific employees are following departmental expense policies, managers can review indicator lights with policy messaging at the line item.

Mileage Calculations

Ariett's feature for mileage calculations allows managers to anticipate travel expenses and employees to get reimbursed early. To calculate mileage reimbursements, employees enter the total number of miles that will be traveled, or they can use Ariett’s mileage log to track multiple trips.


Your organization can also use Ariett Xpense to set CONUS and OCONUS rates, federally regulated allowances for meals, lodging and other business travel expenses. To submit an expense request for a trip, an employee enters the location and dates and Ariett Xpense calculates the total allowance. If your organization is a federal contractor or simply wants to use these set rates, Ariett Xpense facilitates easy calculation of rates and quick employee reimbursement.

Policy Management Software

Ariett Xpense stores your general ledger accounts and structure, automatically selecting vendor assigned GL segments to complete valid GL account coding. Information defaults to GL accounts based on the type of expense or employee’s policy setup, or employee’s visibility to GL accounts can be pre-filtered to select from an appropriate range of GL accounts based on company policy. Ariett’s GL coding ensures that your financial data is processed quickly and stored in the right place for your managers to easily review.

Currency Conversion

If your employees frequently travel abroad, Ariett Xpense provides the perfect solution for processing their international travel expenses. To quickly determine how much money will be spent in U.S. dollars, employees can use our currency conversion feature in Xpense.