Trip & Pre-Expense Approval

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Ariett Xpense allows your employees to submit travel and expense requests for pre-approval. For example, when your employees want to book a flight to attend a conference, you can require them to submit a travel request with the dates and rates for the proposed trip. Ariett makes airfare selection easy with single sign-on to Kayak to shop for the best fares. Once requests are approved, employees using our software can add the travel expense to their expense report.

Pre-Expense Approval

Visibility to expense and travel requests provides managers with control of spending before it occurs. When employees submit requests, managers can pre-approve or reject them based on the compliance of requests with expense policies. To further analyze the estimated versus actual cost of an employee expense, a manager can run a report. This capability allows your organization to track employee spending and to adjust expense policies if necessary.


Your organization can also take advantage of Ariett Xpense for setting CONUS and OCONUS rates, federally regulated allowances for meals, lodging and other business travel expenses.  Read more...