Ariett’s NetSuite Software Integration

Through NetSuite's cloud connector, Ariett Purchase to Payment integrates directly with your NetSuite solution. Ariett will read NetSuite's vendors and accounting structure into Ariett and write AP transactions into your NetSuite accounts payable system. An end to end cloud purchase to payment solution will help employees process and approve transactions more quickly and seamlessly from anywhere, anytime helping you create a culture that optimizes spending.

Key Benefits of Ariett for NetSuite Customers:

  • A unified Cloud platform for employees to manage the complete purchase to payment and accounts payable process. Ariett helps to simplify purchasing workflows, eliminate paper invoices with our invoice capture service and provides upfront control and visibility to spending across the organization and entities.
  • Consistent and flexible approval workflows, that are easy to configure and include group, alternate and new vendor approvals. Email notifications and reminder emails help employees stay on top of priorities.
  • Employees and approvers can take advantage of the Ariett application on any device – desktop, laptop, phone, tablet – to make requisition requests, capture invoices or, and manage and approve payments.