Ariett Technology Platform

Simple. Fast. Agile. Ariett offers an innovative web-based software development approach that provides you with the simplicity, control and choice to manage your business your way. Ariett combines Microsoft .NET and Visual Studio development tools with Microsoft SQL Server, to deliver proven performance and security.

Ariett Azure Cloud Editions

Cloud PlatformWhen you select our Cloud Editions, Ariett's product and support teams can collect requests from all product users, manage support tickets and provide rapid deployment of product updates from one place. Product Performance tweaks are instantly realized instead of waiting until there's a problem. Real-time benefits include: up-to-date software, easy and secure remote access, reduced IT costs and unlimited access to new services and support.

Ariett Azure Cloud Platform

With the added advantage of Microsoft Azure, Ariett offers a hybrid multi-tenant hosting environment, where the web-portion of the Ariett software is shared, however the database is isolated so clients can access their data and Electronic Document Storage anywhere, anytime and can easily report on their company specific data using Azure Cloud Reporting Services. The Azure Cloud Platform offers 13 Global Data Centers for reliability and availability to your workforce, anywhere in the world.

Ariett Azure Active Directory

By supporting Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD), Ariett Purchase and Expense Cloud Edition helps customers’ IT departments save time and acquire control over user security and logins in the Cloud. With Azure AD, administrators no longer have to manage user names and passwords across multiple environments and applications. End users gain simplified access through single sign-on to the Ariett Cloud Edition and Office 365 apps without further authentication. 

Ariett Products Work TogetherWorking Together

Ariett offers a Customer Focused approach to our solution deployment options. With industry specific customer success stories, we understand that customers need both best of breed – yet flexible solutions to meet specific business requirements.

Ariett's Cloud Editions offer fully featured Enterprise level functionality. All product editions offer role-based user options and visibility, with flexible multi-tiered workflows and modification tools to extend or tailor the system. Most IT departments have specifications as to how their organization deploys software; we can meet those specifications, so software selection and deployment decisions can be easily made.

Ariett's Cloud solutions can be readily managed regardless of IT resource availability; Finance or Purchasing teams can administer Ariett to make changes to business rules and processes independently as the organization needs to make changes. Ariett's team is always here to support your organization as you grow with the platform to automate additional business processes and deploy new functionality in the product suite upon request.


CXMLAriett provides integration to ERP systems using Web Services and REST API's, streamlining your entire business process technologically. Ariett also complies with the CXML standard allowing you to interact with other websites for online shopping experiences with specific supplier catalog items and pricing. This is process which we refer to as "Supplier Punch-Out", for downloading the details of a shopping cart, creating a requisition and then upon approval submitting a Purchase Order from the system to the vendor, managing every step of the online buying process. Ariett makes it easy to manage purchases from multiple vendor websites and control what and where your company spends money.

Integration Services

Ariett’s Cloud solutions offer secure (https) Web-Services for click of a button integration to Dynamics, eliminating the need for data output to flat csv files, manual data manipulation to parse out information by company and validate GL account combinations, and manual import processes or data entry. The Web-Service is installed on an IIS Server that defines specific access to Dynamics posting stored procedures and read only access to specific tables in the company database for import of company information such as GL accounts and vendor/employee information. The integration is secure because the request for either type of Web-Service comes from a specific named location, the client firewall can readily be configured to only allow access from a specific IP address or named location. The Web-Service is setup once providing a seamless integration for completed transactions to populate the financial system AP transaction while providing a link to the original Electronic Documents and Audit Trail of the Transaction via Ariett’s Document Manager. System data setup consists of client clicks – no data manipulation is required.

Ariett Box4Dox

Ariett Box4Dox is the first workflow enabled AP Invoice Automation solution to trigger the creation of the entire AP transaction and document workflow approval process, with zero employee involvement. The Vendor emails an Invoice to Box4Dox, once received Box4Dox automatically attaches the document to an AP Invoice transaction, captures a date and time stamp, assigning the date, the vendor and the approval workflow and queues it for review and approval. Box4Dox is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform.

As a Green Solution, Box4Dox eliminates paper in the AP Invoice process entirely – yet with automated workflows, your invoice handling process is streamlined, fast and efficient with audit trails throughout.

Ariett Mobile Approval and Mobile Apps

mobile devicesMobile approval is the convenient way to improve operational efficiency, Ariett offers a Mobile Connector that performs two functions: provides real-time visibility to pending approvals across corporate entities from a web application designed for mobile users; and provides the connector for Ariett’s iPhone and iPad Apps to automatically synchronize transactions entered on an Apple device. To approve transactions, Managers simply launch Ariett's web-app from their email notification on any browser enabled SmartPhone, Tablet, or Device with a web browser to review pending transactions and any electronic document attachments. From your Ariett iPhone/iPad App simply click sync and your entries are automatically created in your Ariett Cloud or Customer Hosted Edition.